Chris Young Was A Good Risk, Well Worth Taking

I wanted to update this with some great information from analyst/statistician/Met historian Mark Simon at ESPN who writes,

Young’s 1.88 ERA would be the best overall mark for any Mets pitcher who made at least four starts with the team. In single-season annals, it’s topped only by Dwight Gooden’s 1.53 ERA in 1985, Mike Birkbeck’s 1.63 ERA in four starts in 1995 and Tom Seaver’s 1.76 ERA in 1971.

Young allowed only 12 hits over those 24 innings. Go back through the history of the AL and NL, all the way back to the dawn of the National League in 1876, and there is only one other pitcher who made as many starts and pitched as many innings as Young did this year, who could match Young’s rate of 4.5 hits allowed per nine innings.

That would be former Cleveland Indians pitcher Herb Score, who yielded 18 hits in 36 innings in 1957, the year his season was tragically cut short when he was hit in the head by a line drive.

Read the entire post, as always, good stuff.

Also, there are too many Mets fans flapping their moths with “I told you so” this morning when in fact we ALL KNEW signing Chris Young was a risky proposition, but worth the gamble.

And if you look at what he accomplished in his 24 innings, you could very well see that Sandy Alderson was DEFINITELY on to something here. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Too bad for us, but I applaud Alderson for trying. It was a risk worth taking.

This is exactly why Alderson signed Young to an incentive laden contract that will now pay him just $1.1 million dollars instead of $4.5 million. He knew the risk involved and acted accordingly.

Unlike Omar Minaya who knew the risk involved when he gave injury prone Moises Alou $7.7 million dollars guaranteed (TWICE!) and forfeited our first round pick in 2007 in the process. Let’s think of things we could have done with that $15 million dollars, shall we?

That’s the difference between having a clue and not having one.

Original Post 5/9 – Chris Young Probably Out For Season

Chris Young has been diagnosed with a torn anterior capsule in his right shoulder. It’s the same injury that sent Johan Santana to the operating table in September.

Assistant GM John Ricco flew to Colorado to speak to the media and said that Young has not decided on surgery just yet, but that it is hard to imagine Young contributing again this season.

“Not the news we were looking for,” Ricco said. “Right now they haven’t determined the course of treatment,” Ricco said. “The two options are surgery or rehab, and over the next couple of days they’ll decide which route to go.”

This ain’t good… A total of 24 innings and done – kaput.

So now what?