What Are The Odds Jose Reyes Is Still With Mets Next Opening Day?

Jose Reyes is really lighting up the Mets blogosphere today with several posts debating the merits of giving him an extension that will keep him in Flushing. But what are the odds that that can really happen? Is there a number that would make both sides happy?

MetsBlog was asked if 5 years at $85-95 million would get it done, and Matt Cerrone responded by saying Reyes would be offered less than that, $75 million over five to be exact. I would have to think the Reyes camp would view this as an insult and move onto a team like the Red Sox, Phillies or even the Yankees. If that happens expect the odds at Vegas to heavily favor the team that wins the Jose Reyes sweepstakes this offseason.

I also believe this will have an adverse affect on some of the other players on the Mets, most notably David Wright who would be shocked to see a homegrown star like Jose Reyes low-balled like that. 

Last night Jose Reyes showed some fight and it seemed to charge up the team. With the Mets trailing 2-1 in the 8th inning and nobody out, Jose Reyes lined a blistering gapper to left-center that had all the makings of a triple. As Reyes slid safely into third base with a head first slide easily beating the throw, he was called out by the umpire who thought Reyes came off the bag and was tagged. The ump got it wrong and Reyes went wild over the blown call.

Reyes needed to be restrained by Chip Hale who did an excellent job of keeping both himself and his shortstop from being ejected. Collins would also come out to argue the call and get in the umps face, but it was to no avail and setting the stage for pinch hitter Daniel Murphy who would tie the game with a resounding homer.

Afterward, Reyes explained what happened:

“I went a little bit crazy,” Reyes said after the game, looking quite proud of his actions and the team’s effort. “You know, my hand never came off the base. That was an important point in the game, down, 2-1. But we won the game, so that’s the best part. It was a huge win for us.”

It was by far the most satisfying win of the season for the Mets who came from behind to win a game that in the past would have probably resulted in a loss.

That’s one of the stark differences between these Mets and the Mets from the last few years; they seem to be snatching victory from the jaws of defeat more often than not.

So what are the odds that Jose Reyes is still a Met next Opening Day?

Gotta tip my hat to Adam Rubin of ESPN on his post last night in which he says Reyes has more value than OBP.

Sandy Alderson can take into account the sabermetric value of having a leadoff hitter with Jose Reyes’ career on-base percentage. He can question the sanity of a player in his late 20s who is dependent upon his legs getting a six- or seven-year deal if another team will go to that length once Reyes hits free agency.

Yet when the New York Mets’ general manager decides whether to Reyes walk as a free agent next offseason, or even to trade him before July 31, Alderson better take into account nights like Wednesday at Nationals Park too — because there also is a value in having the type of energy and passion that Reyes displays when he is wearing a uniform.

I couldn’t have said it any better.

Read the rest of his post here.

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