Unlike Past Regime, This One Actually Has A Clue

Here are a couple of quotes from Paul DePodesta from Adam Rubin of ESPN NY. You can read the whole interview at ESPN.

Regarding this year’s Draft Class:

“We’re excited about it. We think it’s a pretty deep draft — not necessarily in every category, but in general. There are definitely some good top-end players. There’s no doubt. We’re going to have a good choice at 13. I think we’re going to have at least a few different guys that we like an awful lot that we’ll have a chance to choose from. The draft is particularly deep in pitching, both in college and high school. College position players are probably not as deep as in some other years, but that’s probably the one group that doesn’t have sort of an unusually strong year.”

Sticking to the MLB  Slotting System:

“It’s sort of a difficult spot. Certainly you want to be good citizens. At the same time, if other people are not playing that role and they’re getting an edge on you competitively because of that, it becomes a difficult choice as to what you think you should do. Our mission at this point is to do everything we can to help the Mets.”

What type of players will Mets target:

“At the top we want everything. We want tools, skills, guys who can run and hit for power and defend. We want to be greedy. We want it all. The reality is those guys come off the board awfully quickly. And, at that point, you really have to start weighing the different factors. There’s no player out there that’s perfect. So you start looking at, ‘What can this player do to help our organization, and hopefully help our major league team?’ Sometimes we’re going to take a relatively polished guy who’s had terrific performance throughout his career. Other times, and in other areas of the draft, it means we’re going to take somebody who is incredibly raw from a baseball standpoint, but has great athletic ability. “

We’re in good hands Mets fans.

When I think back to all that constant miscommunication between the front office and getting ten different answers to the same question from the Omar years I want to cringe. 

It feels good knowing that we are on the right path, and that the mistakes of the past are behind us. It’s also good to see an organization that is all on the same page and working together toward the same goal which is to build a winner.

And unlike Omar Minaya who had his one shot at glory in 2006, when this front office finally gets us there it will be for a long period of sustained success, something this franchise hasn’t been able to figure out in almost fifty years.