Under New Management – or – How To Run A Baseball Team

Sandy Alderson Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson introduces the new Mets manager   Terry Collins during a press conference  at Citi Field on November 23, 2010 in New York, New York.

How do you build a good baseball organization?

First you find people who understand sports and business and who will actually work together.

In sports it is often necessary to move players around to and from the big team and the minors due to injuries, performance issues, and sometimes just to shake things up.

Things are so different in Flushing now. The change is remarkable.

How many times does Terry go out to argue for his players? A lot more than any other previous manager in my memory. And, he talks to them in the dugout or where ever he can find them.

Sandy makes his moves as fast as he can make a phone call.

For a special player – Carlos Beltran – Terry will talk with him and then they make up a plan for what Carlos will be doing based on what he tells Terry. I was more than happy to see Carlos sitting out after Saturday’s two home runs. They have things worked out and are both on the same page. It’s refreshing.

This is a closely knit group these days – they’ve just clicked and are really working as a team — a team led by Sandy and Terry.

Stop and think – doesn’t Sandy’s business background help around here these days?

It sure does.

It never used to work under the prior management.

This is one of the big changes in the leadership of the Mets these days.

Sandy and Terry act immediately when they see something on or off the field that needs their attention. They do not procrastinate, rather they are people of action. It’s just what this team needed.