The Non-Playing Mets Team And A Calhoun Mention

Well it’s been a great weekend for the Non Playing Mets Team – you know them — led by Terry Collins, and Kevin Burkhardt – this group includes the radio/tv teams – Gary, Keith and Ronnie,and Howie, Wayne and Eddie and anyone else who is not wearing a glove but who understands how to talk into the microphone about baseball.

Terry Collins, a field general, so to speak, performed flawlessly leading his people to another happy game finish.

Terry has told his team that he is a different kind of manager than the most recent of those who have held that job, and that he needed the attention of every player at all times.

I know that we have just played game three of a long season, but if we can continue with this type of team play, it’s going to be fun to watch these guys play this year.

And they deserve some good times at Citi Field this year.

It’s great seeing our guys smiling and playing well. They’ve had a successful spring training and are now moving into the regular season, together.

They are a real team and that is one thing that Terry insists on – everyone is on the same team and is expected to do what the manager wishes him to do, no matter what.

I’ve already seen more comeraderie in a few weeks than I’ve seen on the Mets since Bobby Valentine was here.

Terry – it’s working!!!

Let’s Go Mets.

A footnote –

Later tonight, the UCONN women are playing to get into the finals of the NCAA tournament – it will be a close game against Notre Dame tonight at 9.

The Men’s Final will be on Monday – UCONN vs. Butler. Butler’s coach is young enough to be Jim Calhoun’s grandson – it will be both close and interesting.