The Mets Are In Trouble

The New York Mets are in serious trouble.

Any fan watching the early games could have told you that, though. However, they are in worse shape than I ever thought they’d be in. Through the first ten games, their pitching as a whole has been absolutely horrendous.

I’m not going to lie and say I expected Pelfrey to pitch like an ace. However, he’s not only not pitched like an ace, he hasn’t even pitched like someone who belongs in the Mets rotation. Over three starts, his ERA is over 10, and his WHIP is well over 2. He’s averaging 14 hits per 9 innings, and striking out less than 5 over the same span. I doubt the Mets could even trade him unless he picks up his game. With his 7 walks per 9 innings, it seems like he’s been possessed by Oliver Perez.

The rest of the starting staff isn’t as worrisome, though that’s not to say they’ve performed adequately, either. Jon Niese had an excellent first start against Florida, but faltered against Philadelphia. Over 4 innings, he was hit for 6 runs. On the bright side, he did strike out 7 in 4 innings as well. Niese’s ERA may be rather high, but there’s still a lot more potential to uncover, and I’m not going to give up on him yet.

Dickey and Capuano also had rough outings, but I want to put them in the same category as Niese. They have to pitch better next time out, no doubt about it. However, Dickey already had an excellent start vs Washington. Capuano also fanned 8 in his start, but his 4 runs over 6 innings, with 2 home runs allowed, was a little unsettling.

Chris Young is the brightest spot of this Mets rotation thus far. 12.1 innings, 2 runs allowed, and 12 strikeouts. Hopefully, he can keep a consistent level of production all season.

Finally, the bullpen. I was surprised at how early Boyer was let go. Under the old regime, the Mets would have held onto him, tried to work with him, let him get more work, and shuttle him between the majors and Buffalo. I’m encouraged by the fact that Alderson put his foot down early and got rid of him after performing terribly. I’m disappointed, though, with DJ Carrasco. He had several good seasons out of the bullpen before coming to the Mets, and I expect him to find his game and be a solid contributor out of the pen.

The Mets, ladies and gentlemen, are in trouble right now. However, the trouble is not fatal. Hopefully, if Pelfrey can find his game, and Niese and Dickey stay consistent, the Mets will have a solid, although not great, rotation this year and will be able to be relevant further on into the year.