Blow Mets Up And Start All Over

As I was reading through the team by team previews on, I came to the Mets preview where Sports Illustrated graded the Mets offseason a “C”. Not a big deal and pretty much the same assessment we’ve seen all over the web.

The three key questions for the Mets in 2011, which you can read about here, are:

1. Can they withstand the loss of Johan Santana?

2. Is Jason Bay back?

3. Will Jose Reyes be traded?

They picked an X-Factor for each team, and I agree with their choice of Carlos Beltran for the Mets:

One way or another, this is Beltran’s last season in New York. His controversial, injury-filled and at times successful tenure — he did make four All-Star teams with the Mets — will end when his seven-year, $119 million contract does after the season. But despite his knee problems, scouts from other teams have continued tracking Beltran’s progress, feeling that if he’s healthy enough to play for a rebuilding club like the Mets, he might be healthy enough to help a contender down the stretch. The Mets would undoubtedly love to trade him, both to save the money they still owe him and to try to replenish a farm system that is in dire need of a talent injection.

What I really found very curious was their scout’s take on the state of the Mets. Here is what he said:

“Johan Santana may be more of a No. 3 starter now and they’re loaded down with them. Playing in that division, where your No. 1 and No. 2 are basically a three and a four, God help them. Their system is really thin and there’s not a lot there. I don’t see an impact player coming from within and they have to change the climate. If they’re smart, they’ll blow the club up and start over.”

Blow the club up and start over? Really?

I’m no scout, but when your team is centered around a young nucleus featuring players like David Wright, Angel Pagan, Ike Davis, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole, I just can’t see why anyone would believe we should blow that up and start from scratch.

Of course the Nationals and Marlins received high grades and they apparently are oozing with potential and high caliber prospects. But the Mets got no credit for adding three quality players from their minor league system to their 25 man roster in Niese, Thole and Davis.

A little objectivity please….

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