Shut-up, You Old Windbag

On Tuesday, Tim McCarver made some disparaging comments about the Mets with regard to the Madoff scandal.

“It’s agonizing. I personally feel the Wilpons have to sell the ballclub. I don’t see how they can escape by selling a minority position, particularly when they don’t allow any control.”

“It’s deplorable. I would not want to be a player on the Mets right now,” McCarver said. “Not because they are not talented enough, but because of all the questions surrounding the team this year will be (about) the off-field problems. It’s very difficult to play under those circumstances.”

He also said Gary, Keith and Ron are under pressure too.

“It’s very difficult to broadcast under those circumstances. That’s just because you have to tell what you deem to be the truth.”

According to Bob Raissman of the Daily News, Gary Cohen said that’s not true.

“No, I don’t feel one iota of pressure,” Cohen said over the telephone yesterday. “I don’t think it (the upcoming season) will be different for me at all. I’m a baseball broadcaster and we’re going to be broadcasting a season of baseball beginning Friday night.”

You tell’em Gary!

McCarver has become such a windbag over the years, and hearing him nowadays really gives me quite the earache.

I can’t believe how much I used to revere this guy, now I wish he’d just shut-up. With Joe Morgan and Jon Miller now being supplanted by Bobby Valentine and Orel Hershiser on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, McCarver and Buck are now my least favorite way to listen to or watch a Mets game.

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