Rockies vs Mets Lineup and Preview

The Mets suffered another frustrating loss last night as they just seemed a tick behind their opponent. Today, the Mets will be playing back to back games to make up for the rain out on Tuesday. The first game will feature Greg Reynolds vs R.A. Dickey and the second game will feature Jorge de la Rosa vs Chris Capuano. For the Mets, the focus will be on strikes. For some reason this team went from throwing strikes in the Spring to not throwing strikes in April. The great thing is though, with two games today, two wins can completely wash away these feelings.

Game 1:

Here is today’s starting lineup in game one:

1. Jose Reyes – SS
2. Daniel Murphy – 2B
3. David Wright – 3B
4. Ike Davis – 1B
5. Angel Pagan – CF
6. Willie Harris – LF
7. Scott Hairston – RF
8. Josh Thole – C

R.A. Dickey in his first two starts of the season is 1-1 with a 2.45 ERA over 11.0 innings pitched with 3 ER. Essentially, his first start was awesome, his second start was not so much. Dickey has actually never faced the Rockies, so there are only a few players who have actually seen him:

Jose Lopez 3-5, 2 2B
Wigginton 1-4
Gonzalez 0-3
Giambi 0-1

The Mets bats will contend with Greg Reynolds in the first game who in his first start of this season, got a no decision in 6 innings of work where he allowed 2 ER. This is his first year in the majors since his rookie year back in 2008 where he faced the Mets twice logging 13 innings against the Amazins with a 4.85 ERA. The current Mets have the following numbers against Greg:

Reyes 1-7, 3B
Beltran 1-5, HR
Wright 1-5
Hairston 1-2, HR

Game 2:

In the afternoon cap, Capauno will get the start. So far on the season he has pitched in two games and one start with a 6.75 ERA. However, I feel he has pitched better than that. In his last start, he made one mistake which cost him a lot of runs, but when he was throwing strikes he was on point (7 K’s). Last season he pitched 1 inning against the Rockies where he allowed no hits and no walks and struck out two batters. The Rockies have these numbers on him:

Helton 5-23, 2 2B
Wigginton 1-5
Tulowitzki 3-3, HR
Stewart 0-1

The Met batters will draw Jorge de la Rosa in the afternoon game who has a 1.74 ERA in 10.1 innings pitched. Last season he pitched in one game against the Mets where he lasted 6.0 innings and allowed 4 ER (5 runs total). The Mets have the following numbers against Jorge:

Hairston 5-15, 2B, 2 HR
Wright 2-8, 2B
Pagan 2-9, 2B
Reyes 2-6, 2B
Harris 3-5, 2B

Let’s Go Mets!

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