Philadelphia Inquirer: Mets Fans Are Extra Creepy

Came across this post via MetsBlog and thought I would share it here.

John Gonzalez, a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, had some harsh words for the Mets and Mets fans in particular. In a column entitled “Mets Are A National Punchline”, he writes:

The Mets don’t have to be good or even mediocre for you to loathe them and delight in their misery. If anything, curb- stomping them while they’re down is just as enjoyable – if not more so. And here’s the best part: Philadelphians aren’t the only ones doing it now. Taking shots at the Mets is fashionable just about everywhere these days – especially in New York.

You will find an accompanying video there in which Gonzalez really goes off:

“There really is no rivalry, because the Mets are not that good. In the past ten years they have only had a better record than the Phillies once. Thar’s not a rivalry.”

“It’s not that we hate all people from New York, we just hate Mets fans. There’s something extra creepy about them.”

He then goes on to insult the person interviewing him, apparently a New Yorker, and says,

“It’s all about having an outlet to vent. You have to let it out and not keep it all pent up inside, otherwise we end up like you.”

In his final thoughts he explains why he thinks they are so creepy,

“I don’t get them. They come down here.. Hangin’ around… They’re show up early before games at Citizens Bank Park… Just stay out of our area, please. Why don’t they just stay where they are in Queens.”

When asked if he’d ever traveled to see the Phillies in Queens he replied with a laugh,

“Never. If I want to go visit somewhere awful, I’ll just go to New Jersey. “

Here is a link to where you can see the full video.

I couldn’t even inagine a Mets beat writer doing something similar against the Phillies or their much creepier fans.

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