One Thing Is Clear; Terry Collins Is No Jerry Manuel

Were any of you wondering what transpired the other day in Atlanta, when Daniel Murphy tried to steal third base and was out by a mile?

You may remember an enraged (or was it embarrassed) Terry Collins taking Murphy into the back of the dugout as soon as trotted off the field with his head down.

Here is what transpired according to a source that told Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record.

Daniel Murphy, standing on second base with none out, staring at a three-run deficit, attempted to steal third — a monstrously bad decision that ended in failure.

Terry Collins watched in quiet rage as Murphy was thrown out — waiting while his player collected himself and returned to the dugout — before exploding.

“What the [bleep] are you doing?” Collins shouted, according to a person who’d been made aware of the exchange.

“Mike [Nickeas] was up, [Mike] Pelf[rey] was on deck; I was trying to get something started,” Murphy responded.

“So now you’re the manager? I was going to pinch-hit [for Pelfrey],” Collins shot back. “I’m the manager, not you. Get your head out of your [bleep].”

Wow… He really let him have it, but I bet Daniel Murphy never makes a stupid decision like that again.

Think about all the repeated gaffs and blunders of the last two seasons under Jerry Manuel and imagine how differently things would have been had he demonstrated that same kind of in-your-face and immediate response.

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