No Offense, No Defense, No Control, No Win. Mets Lose 6-1 To Astros.

Game Summary

Niese had a decent short outing but walked a good amount of batters. Bullpen and offense lacked majorly. Mets lose another 6-1 to the Astros and take last place in the NL. Jason Bay returns tomorrow though!

Game Notes

Jon Niese must love to give batters a free base because he gave up five walks, something that has plagued Mets starters this season. Niese once again goes a short six innings, giving up two runs on seven hits, five walks, and struck out two. Once more, Mets starters can’t seem to make it far into games. Where’s Santana when you need him?

A variety of relievers were used today, including: Beato, Iggy, Byrdak, Parnell, and Buchholz. Totaling three innings, and four runs. Not a good thing when nothing was working for the Mets.

Speaking of nothing working…the offense totaled four hits against the Astros with the only one that mattered was Beltran’s third homerun on the season. Not a single Met starting batter is hitting over .300. Let’s hope Jason Bay can be a spark.

The defense was just horrendous for both teams. Errors, can’t turn two, can’t catch the ball, can’t hold onto the ball, no communication, can’t throw the ball. Just really sad. Turner especially couldn’t do anything on the defense side and only had one hit. Murphy anyone?

Turning Point

It was just a downhill event for the Mets

Game Ball

Beltran with a home run.

Up Next

Bud Norris and RA Dickey face each other in the second game against the Astros. Game time is 7:10 PM.