MLB Power Rankings – Week 2

Here are the top and bottom five of week two’s MLB Power Rankings as posted on the Daily News. Thanks to the Mets, the Colorado Rockies moved up six spots to claim the top spot.

Top Five

1. Colorado Rockies (12-3, Last week: 6)
At 12-3, they have the best record in baseball and have won eight of nine games, so they leap from sixth to first.

2. Philadelphia Phillies (10-4, Last week: 2)
With the third-best mark they remain second. Don’t expect them to dip much all season. Their pitchers have only allowed five homers.

3. Cleveland Indians (11-4, Last week: 7)
Early-season shocker team just got a lot better, too – Grady Sizemore returned from injury and homered in first game. Will they last?

4. Texas Rangers (10-5, Last week: 1)
No shame in losing a series to the Home Run Yankees, but it knocked them off high perch.

5. New York Yankees (9-5, Last week: 5)
As pitching problems kept swirling, Yanks beat Orioles twice and won series from Rangers to maintain. Best homer-hitting team in majors with 27.

Bottom Five

26. Minnesota Twins (5-10, Last week: 18)
Early-season quirk that they’re this low? Unclear, but Joe Mauer on the DL is a bad sign.

27. Seattle Mariners (5-11, Last week: 27)
Maybe Ichiro should re-think his Mariner for Life idea.

28. Houston Astros (5-11, Last week: 29)
Tied for the worst record in the National League with the Mets, a line we might be typing often this season.

29. New York Mets (5-11, Last week: 20)
Got swept in two doubleheaders as part of awful week. Sloppy play dropped them nine spots and no pitching staff has walked more hitters.

30. Boston Red Sox (4-10, Last week: 28)
Things got slightly better by winning two straight to end week, but they have baseball’s worst record. They can’t get any lower, but where would they be without Josh Beckett? Even with him, their team ERA is 5.93, worst in the game.