Jose And David

Did any of you see David playing catch with the kids over the weekend?  I doubt anyone told him to do that – it’s just Big Brother playing catch with the kids and having fun at the ball field.  David has three younger brothers and knows how to play his role – the faces of those kids told the whole story and they will remember the time David played catch with them for the rest of their lives. 

How about Jose?   Can’t you see the joy on his face when he plays?  This is someone who loves his work – and we can always tell. Jose has been here since he was a teenager, and spent some time at Port St. Lucie learning about professional baseball – although he’d played practically since he could walk.

The point I’m trying to make here is why do you want to trade David and/or Jose away?  Yes, that’s the song I’m hearing. 

Many of us also enjoy seeing the same guys from year to year.  That’s the ‘It’s My Team’ way that baseball always was.  Remember the ’86 Mets?  And the Seaver guys way back in the ’60’s who were the Class of the National League – would you have traded any of them?

Do you think that trading away two of the longest lasting Mets will bring in new customers? 

I don’t.

Let’s keep  Jose and David at home.