Isringhausen Offers A Glimmer Of Hope In Mets Debut

It has been almost 12 years in between pitches as a New York Met for Jason Isringhausen, but last night when he emerged from the bullpen and took the mound, he was one of the lone Mets relievers that got the job done against the Rockies.

Isringhausen came into the game with two runners on and the score tied at 4-4, and then registered two big outs to preserve the tie and pitch the Mets out of danger. His performance drew applause from admiring fans.

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times, spoke to Jason Giambi who is now with the Rockies, about the deal that sent Jason Isringhausen to the A’s in 1999.

The Mets were contending for the playoffs, and Isringhausen had a 6.41 earned run average as he recovered from elbow surgery. Taylor seemed more of a sure thing, but he was even worse, with an 8.10 E.R.A. Meanwhile, Isringhausen thrived in Oakland. “His velocity was back up, and he had that big breaking ball,” said Colorado’s Jason Giambi, the Athletics’ best hitter at the time. “We knew we had that lights-out guy in the ninth.” Giambi continued: “It was one of the best trades we ever had. It made our team, because we could play with any team offensively and we had that big three in the rotation, but we just didn’t have that big guy to finish up the ballgame. This is a real closer, this is a real team. It put us on the map as a real ball club.”

All the hard work this spring, has paid off for Izzy and his performance last night is already making some of us wonder if maybe he should be the setup man instead of a shell-shocked Bobby Parnell who has been struggling.

In five games, Parnell has a 8.31 ERA and a 2.08 WHIP this season.

What are your thoughts based on the early results?

Is Bobby Parnell well suited for the setup man role?

Would you supplant him with Jason Isringhausen?