Is It Too Early To Worry, Or Is That Something We Tell Ourselves To Feel Good

I received an email from one of our regular readers last night asking me what I thought of the 4-7 start to the season. He was worried and wanted to know if I was worried too.

My answer in short is yes, I do have concerns, but I also believe we are in capable hands that won’t rest on their laurels and will react quickly to implement a fix or upgrade as needed. That type of hands-on approach gives me hope that things are improving and vastly better than the old way of doing things.

The way they quickly dispatched Lucas Duda and Blaine Boyer at the one week mark was very telling. It tells us that this front office has their finger on the pulse of this team and the fan base as well.

They realize the significance of getting off to a quick start, but more important than that they know they have to change the perception of how this team has been viewed in recent years.

They understand the market they are in and that winning, sometimes at all costs, is almost a prerequisite for running a sports franchise in New York.

Terry Collins looks like a manager who’s had enough of the losing. He wasn’t blessed with a great 25 man roster, but he realizes they are better than their record shows, and he seems to have a firm grasp of what the underlying problems are. I already see several players on the bubble who better start stepping on the gas where their performance is concerned. I include Bobby Parnell, Brad Emaus and Tim Byrdak among those players.

Ineffectiveness will not be tolerated by Collins and Alderson. That is already plain to see.

I remember during Jerry Manuel’s very first press conference, he said, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win ballgames.” It turned out to be a bunch of hot air.

Terry Collins made no such boasts, but clearly his actions seem to indicate he is bent on winning and if a player can’t contribute to this team’s success, they are gone, no questions asked.

Actions speak louder than words.

I understand the frustration of some of our readers about the lackluster off-season in terns of what we added, but $10 million can only go so far. I’m sure that if Alderson had $50 million to spend, most of these newer players wouldn’t have even gotten a phone call this Winter. I don’t believe any other GM could have done much better with $10 million dollars and 11 spots to fill. It was a daunting task and judgment on Alderson should be reserved for the end of next off-season and not this one.

I don’t know how many games the Mets will win this season, but I do see that we are on the right track. We may not have the horses to compete with some of the better teams in the league, but our trainer and jockey are top-notch.

For now, that’s good enough for me.

I believe that the team we finish this season with, will be far better than the team we fielded on Opening Day. The addition of Jason Isringhausen already points to that.

Is it too early to be concerned? No, it’s not. Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson are concerned, so why shouldn’t we be concerned too?

However, it’s never the right time to quit and toss in the towel… We wouldn’t want that from the players or the management, and we shouldn’t do it as fans either.

This team and it’s players has no quit in them. We should expect as much from the fans.

Lets Go Mets

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