Happy Days Are Here Again

Today I envy anyone who is actually going to the ball park – it’s a great baseball day and there will be an excitement felt in this ball park that hasn’t been there before.

Yes, the guys on the field – although it’s a mixed group, some veterans and some new guys – there is a sense of a new group, and new ways of doing things for this team.

Sandy and Terry have certainly made their mark and none other than David Wright – who used to be awfully quiet at times – is really speaking up now and looks much more relaxed and comfortable than he used to be – and there are others about whom I could say the same.

These Mets are now a team and it shows.

So while all the ceremonies begin for a new year at Citifield, remember that this time, it really is a new year and a new time for this team. Keep supporting them and make some noise.

I’ll probably shed a tear for those who didn’t live to see this day, but then smile and clap for those who did.

Thanks to all in the Mets family – and to the MMO family.

National League Baseball comes home to New York today.

Citifield will be different today.