Gee Should Remain In The Rotation, Not Capuano

With Chris Young coming off the DL, the Mets have decided to opt D.J. Carrasco down to Triple-A and to place Dillon Gee in the bullpen. This move is not only endangering the further development of Gee as a pitcher, but also takes a great pitcher out of the rotation. What does not makes sense is why take Gee out of the rotation when Chris Capuano has a 5.95 ERA this season.

Gee in two starts this season has a 2-0 record 2.31 ERA compared to Capuano’s 2-1 record and 5.95 ERA. That alone should keep him in the rotation but due to his little MLB experience the odds are against him.

 But with so little to count on in the Mets rotation, why take out one of the few starters who has been consistently above average, borderline dominant, in the small sample from 2010 and 2011 we have seen out of Gee. Capuano has only had one good start this season so far and is not exactly known for consistency.

Based on Gee’s career seven starts, if he pitched a full 34-start season, he would have an incredible 19-10 record with a microscopic 2.22 ERA. Even though Gee attaining this figure would be highly unlikely, a 13-15 win season out of Gee would not be out of the question if given the chance.

But it is not just normal statistics that show Gee is the better candidate, looking a sabermetrics shows that Gee is better suited as well. In the three major stats that are solely the responsibility of the pitcher and not effected by defense, homers, strikeouts and walks, with the exception of strikeouts, Gee still excels. Gee has a 0.8 HR/9 IP, Capuano has a 1.4, Gee has a 2.3 BB/9 IP, Capuano has a 2.7, Gee has a 3.00 BB/K, Capuano has a 2.83.

The only major sabermetrics stat that Capuano is superior at is K/9 IP. Capuano has a 7.8 figure, Gee has a 6.9. This is mostly due to the fact that Gee is not a strikeout pitcher. He does not have overwhelming velocity and relies on his exceptional control to get batters out, resulting in more balls in play than strikeouts. Despite this, Gee still prevails as an overall better option than Capuano.

Capuano in 2010, his first season returning from several years of injury, pitched much more effectively as a reliever than a starter with the Brewers. As a starter Capuano was 3-3 with a respectable 4.14 ERA, but as a reliever Capuano was 1-1 with a 3.54 ERA. Based on those stats, Capuano would best serve the Mets in a long relief/ 6th starter position.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, the Mets somehow favor the option of Gee in the bullpen. Hopefully sooner rather than later the Mets will realize their mistake and place Gee back in the rotation.

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