Francesa Calls Alderson A Liar, Then Invites Him To His Show

This afternoon, Mets GM Sandy Alderson was a guest of Mike Francesa on Sportsradio 660 WFAN. Before Alderson’s appearance, Francesa referred to Alderson as a liar – repeatedly saying that Alderson came on his show and lied.

Francesa came to this conclusion because Alderson is an intelligent baseball man with an Ivy League degree and is not a fool. When Sandy came on his show before the season started, and told his listeners that the Mets would win 85 games this year, he knew full well that wasn’t true and that it was a bold faced lie. He accused Alderson of covering up the truth about how bad this team really was in an attempt to try and salvage ticket sales which were already in the dumps.

I can’t stand Francesa. He has an obvious bias against the Mets and earlier in the week he even said that he was sick of talking about the Mets because they were too insignificant to get air-time in his prime time slot. That didn’t stop him from opening his show every day since making that claim, with a 15 minute rant on what a disgrace the Mets are to baseball and this city.

As for the interview, the self-exalted one delved into a variety of topics and MetsBlog recapped it quite nicely.

  • He’s been through stretches like this with his clubs, but it doesn’t make things easier, although it’s part of a larger context at some point.
  • He’s surprised by the poor play, and felt things were coming together at the end of camp.
  • He acknowledged the pitching hasn’t been good, and the hitting has been “spotty”.
  • It’s not through lack of effort, but the execution has not been good.
  • It is early in the season, and while it isn’t an excuse, but the 29 other clubs are going through their shakedowns as well.
  • He’s called a dozen teams yesterday, “just to say hello”.
  • There’s not a lot of incentive among clubs to do much via trade, and so for the foreseeable future, “this is the team”.
  • The team doesn’t have a lot of moves to make – he brought in a lot of role players in the off-season because there aren’t players in the minor leagues who can or will be asked to make a contribution right away, including Jenrry Mejia.

It’s so sad that the braintrust at WFAN, the Mets flagship station, continues to allow Mike Francesa to spew his filth and acrimonious tirades against the Mets almost every weekday without fail.

If I have one gripe with Sandy Alderson, it’s that he even affords a piece of dog dung like Francesa the courtesy of an interview at all. If I were him I wouldn’t even give Francesa the right time of day.

It’s unbelievable how many no-nothings are putting this atrocious start at the feet of Alderson when it was Omar Minaya’s mess he inherited. Of the $145 million dollar payroll this season, Alderson is responsible for $11 million dollars of it, the other $134 million is all Minaya’s.