Are Mets/White Sox Destined For Each Other?

Let’s all be honest, we knew what this team was before the season even started. Not losing all faith yet, but the Mets may in fact be sellers at the deadline. Recently I was asked if the Mets would be sellers or buyers at the deadline, to which I responded buyers. However that was the optimistic side of me talking. Or maybe it was Sandy repeatedly saying comments like “We’re playing for 2011”. Either way the reality of the situation is the Mets may be big time sellers for the first time in awhile.

Who will be available? You can argue many names that will come up in discussions. Carlos Beltran? Francisco Rodriguez? Jose Reyes? (hope not). Even names like say Mike Pelfrey could generate discussions.

As I went over the possibilities for each player in both the AL and NL, one team always came to mind the most – Chicago White Sox.

Why? For one, the AL Central is up for grabs. The Tigers have great hitting, but questionable pitching with a deep, but unproven pen. The Twins have a lineup with potential, however Morneau’s health is a major concern. Their starting pitching is young and unproven, and their bullpen is questionable regarding Joe Nathan’s health. Therein lies the White Sox. Strong lineup, starting pitching is adequate, and bullpen lacks a true closer.

Could they have interest in K-Rod? Could he be the closer they so desperately seek? It gets deeper. Would they be interested in a Beltran/K-Rod for two prospects deal? Kenny Williams is sure crazy enough. And if Sandy realizes the Mets are out of it, with a position to build towards to future, I bet he does it. Yes, the White Sox farm system is bare. I’m strongly aware. But if you have a chance to recoup some decent prospects, move K-Rod’s option, and take some ease off the Wilpon’s checkbooks, I bet he does it.

Names that may be involved – Chris Sale, Gordon Beckham, Eduardo Escobar, Sergio Santos, Jared Mitchell all come to mind. Not so high on Escobar, but with the Reyes uncertainty it’s never bad to have organizational depth at SS.

Either way it’s interesting to think about upcoming scenarios such as these. LETS GO METS!