3 Up, 3 Down: Rocky Mountain Low Edition

The Colorado Rockies were in town this week for a four game series, winning all four including both ends of a double header. Here we have the 3 Up and 3 Down from the series.

Three Up

1. Troy Tulowitzki: It pains me to put an opposing player in this slot, but Tulowitzki had just an amazing series against the Mets. He homered in all four of the games, made a rally killing defensive play on Monday night, and was just incredible on offense. I believe Howie Rose said towards the end of Thursday’s doubleheader, that Tulowitzki went 10-16. Rose went on to say he’s hard pressed to think of another player who had a more dominating four games series versus the Mets than Tulo.

2. The Rest of the Rockies: To borrow a phrase of Willie Randolph’s, “sometimes you just got to tip your cap”. Experts are predicting the Rockies to challenge the Giants in the NL West. For once I have to agree with the experts. What a nicely constructed, well conceived team. Besides Tulowitzki, they have a rising star in outfielder Carlos Gonzales, they have good starting pitching, and they have a bullpen that knows how to hold a lead. A very impressive looking team.

3. The Return of Jasom Isringhausen: I’m old enough to remember when Jason Isringhausen, Bill Pulsipher and Paul Wilson were young pitchers with the Mets and tabbed Generation K. Sadly things didn’t work out for the three guys. Isringhausen traveled around the majors and had some success as a relief pitcher. Now at 38 years old he’s returned to the Mets in a bullpen roll. So far he’s looked like one of the few reliable arms in the bullpen. Time will only if he will continue to be effective. Either way it was great to see Izzy return home on Monday night and get a warm greeting from the Citifield Faithful.

Three Down

1. Inability to Execute: It’s becoming a theme here two weeks into the season. Pick a play, Iggy’s inability to turn the double play on Monday night, the Mets failed wheel play also Monday night (props for trying it though), Brad Emaus being unable to turn a DP on Thursday, Willie Harris losing balls in the lights Monday night, Pagan’s aggressive (albeit foolish) base running Monday night. Simply put the Mets need to execute these plays.

2. Inability to Hold a Lead: In this series the Mets have had leads and watched them disappear. Neither the starting pitchers, or the bullpen could hold on to a lead. Also the Mets need to retire the opposition after scoring in their half of the inning. How many times did the Mets score in the bottom of an inning, only to give up runs in the top of the next inning?

3. A 1-6 Homestand: From an organizational viewpoint, I doubt things could have gone much worse for our guys. If the Mets could have had a decent opening homestand, some of the bad will that fans have towards this team would have gone away. I’m sure the players and Terry Collins would also feel better about what they’re trying to achieve. I remember the bad old days of the late 1970’s and how empty and sad Shea Stadium was. Citifield looked like Shea circa 1979 on Thursday afternoon, and that is a very sad thing indeed.