3 Up & 3 Down: 2 Out of 3 In D.C. Edition

The Washington Nationals opened Citi Field this season by taking two of three games against the Mets. Our guys went down to D.C. this week and returned the favor by winning two of three down there. Sadly, the Mets six game winning streak came to an end on Thursday night, but I think after watching this team play on both Wednesday and Thursday night, the Mets aren’t going to be pushovers anymore.

3 UP

1) Ike Davis: What can I say about Ike Davis? He currently has a ten game hitting streak, with 19 RBI and he’s batting a cool .345. His defense is solid, and he’s a professional hitter. If April is any indication of the type of season we can expect from Ike, we could be looking at the NL MVP.

2) Daniel Murphy: I am an unabashed Daniel Murphy lover. I love his approach to the game, I think he is a good hitter, and I think he will thrive under Terry Collins. All that said, has there be a bigger hit this season, than the homerun Murphy hit on Wednesday night in the eight inning after Reyes was robbed of a triple? Then in the ninth inning after being pitched high and tight, Murphy had another huge hit! Great job by Daniel.

3) Frankie Rodriguez: K-Rod is here because he nailed down two saves on Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Mets need Frankie to be the K-Rod of old, so far this season he appears to be on the right track.

3 Down

1) Umpire Marvin Hudson: Wednesday night in the 8th inning Hudson flat-out robbed Reyes of a triple!! Hudson made one of the most horrible calls I can remember claiming that Reyes’ hand came off third base. It never happened! A very bad job by Hudson, just horrible.

2) Sean Burnett: Burnett’s outing in the 9th inning Wednesday night was almost as bad as Marvin Hudson’s call on Reyes. Burnett was “dinked”, and “doinked” to death. He also went after a bunt that allowed the Mets to load the bases. Not a good outing at all.

3) Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman: Riggleman made some puzzling moves on Wednesday night, such as pulling starting pitcher Tom Gorzalanny out of the game after only some 80 pitches, leaving Mr. Burnett in too long in the 9th inning, and pulling his first baseman Mr. LaRoche in the eighth inning for a pitch runner. Riggleman was also very annoying have those frequent infield meetings on the pitcher’s mound.

Finally a public service announcement (of sorts). The boys head to Philly this weekend with both Saturday and Sunday’s games being on National TV. Yes, be prepared to vomit as the clowns on FOX and ESPN heap the praise on the Phillies and bash the Mets. A viable alternative, would be Howie and Wayne on WFAN.