Second Guessing Second Base?

Decisions, decisions…

Terry Collins may have his work cut out for him when the time comes for him to anoint the starting second baseman for the New York Mets.

It will not be an easy decision. Despite more than six candidates in camp for him to choose from, all of them had their particular flaws.

Murphy was trying to learn the position on the fly, Emaus came over with a knock on his defense, Tejada couldn’t hit enough, Turner profiles as a AAAA player or a platoon player at best, Hernandez was never really in the mix, Hu profiles more as a utility guy, and nobody wants Castillo to succeed even though he may be the better option so far this spring.

Last week Collins said he wanted to reduce the number of candidates and focus the battle between 3-4 of the most likely candidates the rest of the way. According to Adam Rubin, that won’t happen now.

Collins tapped his foot and paused six seconds when asked if even giving Hernandez remote consideration signaled displeasure with the original second-base combatants.

The manager eventually replied: “I don’t know if I’ve added him. I think we forgot that he could play there because he has been unable to play there early in camp. … I’m still looking at the primary four guys, but I just know we’ve got another guy who can play there.”

Was he referring to Ruben Tejada? Who was demoted yesterday by Sandy Alderson to Minor League camp?

Who knows… He didn’t say, and if I were him I wouldn’t have said anything either. In fact, Collins may have already said too much… Way too much.

I can hardly blame him though… Murphy made two errors in todays 12-0 loss to the Braves. Emaus already has registered two himself and it could have been three if not for a generous official scorer. Hu also committed an error in todays game. Things are just not going as well as everyone anticipated.

It may very well be that the Mets best option at second base may be somewhere else waiting for the Mets to trade for him?

I don’t like what I’m seeing. It’s not a very ideal situation.

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