Q & A with New Met Allan Dykstra

A good friend of mine, Joe DeMayo, who writes for NYBD and StLucieToFlushing.com (of which I am also affialiated with), did an interview with new Mets acquisition Allan Dykstra. It’s a great read if you have a minute and would like to get to know a bit about our new prospect.

Here is a few of the Q & A’s from the interview –

PSL2F: If you were a scout assigned to watch Allan Dykstra, what would your scouting report be?

AD: Has plus power and good strike zone discipline. Still needs to clean bat path up a little.

PSL2F: A lot of people believe this trade was heavily influenced by Paul DePodesta and Sandy Alderson’s knowledge of you from their days in San Diego. How much do you know them? And what do you know about them?

AD: I just met them when I was drafted and signed in 2008. I know they look strongly into OBP and OPS.

To read more visit the following link to St. Lucie To Flushing.