Outside Of The White Lines

Here at MMO, we encourage a varied array of postings – sports included of course, but that’s the ‘family’ we belong to. There is also our other life outside of the white lines. Which can be in our own home, or simply on our planet.

In a matter of only days, we had the major catastrophe in Japan – an earthquake followed by a tsunami which died out on the west coast of America. The repercussions of these events will last for years. Even today, we are still coping with remnants of Katrina.

I’m not going to say much about the Wilpons etc., except that I seem to read more and more every day about what was done and when. It is surely a sorry mess for baseball in general, but more specifically our team.

In our MMO family, we lost a friend – Adam Baker- who passed away at the age of 35 due to complications after kidney transplant surgery. Fortunately, Joe had a snapshot of Adam in his Mets T-shirt which will be my memory of him along with his writings.

Bridging the gap between sports, it’s now March Madness and the time we all fill out our brackets in time to enter our choices in various pools – office and otherwise. I’ve already had my fun with the UCONN team – who went 5 for 5 to win the Big East Tournament. I fear that they will be exhausted although they are just kids anyway.

We are about two and a half weeks from Opening Day and a brand new baseball season. For some reason, the Mets want to keep the sick bay news ahead of the fine play on the field that you can see and applaud in person at Florida, or on SNY and WPIX. 

Have you seen David Wright, Jose Reyes and Ike Davis taking the field and playing the game? Most of the team is hard at work preparing to give their all in a new season. I can hardly wait. Of course we have injuries like Carlos Beltran, and those recovering from surgery, like Johan Santana, but let’s stress the positive.

This morning’s headline on our site reads –

“About 250 people showed up to audition for the Mets Anthem Search yesterday at Citi Field as the Mets have a little fun with the fans who hope to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” during a game this season.”

Can you hear it?

Are you ready?

Let’s Go Mets.