Ollie Pitches Two Scoreless; Good News or Bad News?

Update 3:40 PM

This afternoon at Digital Domain Park, Oliver Perez got a surprise start for the Mets, and allowed two hits in two innings of work. He didn’t walk or strikeout a batter. He threw 15 strikes and 10 balls, hit 87 mph once, and was around 82-86 on the resy of his fastballs.

So now what?

Well for one, why was he pulled after just two innings? Perhaps to boost his confidence as in get him the hell off the mound and lets count our blessings?

Also, keep in mind that this was a rag-tag Cardinals team with only one regular in the lineup who was pulled after the second inning.

And anyway, isn’t this what we’ve always come to expect from Oliver Perez? One good start followed by two bad ones?

I don’t know how to take this particular outing 0 should I be happy or relieved?

Or should I be agitated because this will probably prolong his stay?

Original Post 12:00 PM

Today might be the day that we’ve all been waiting for Mets fans. According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, two sources told him that if Oliver Perez does not show significant improvement today over his dismal stint on Sunday, the Mets could finally release him.

Two major league sources familiar with the Mets’ thinking believe that the team is close to giving up on the lefthander, and could finally release him if his performance against the Cardinals does not show significant improvement over Sunday’s two-inning, four-run disappointment. The game will be on SNY at 1 p.m.

Mets brass has not yet taken any action toward cutting the $36 million pitcher, and a strong performance might buy Perez another game. But if he is still sporting an 84 mph fastball and struggling with his command Thursday, the end could finally be near.

But soon after Martino wrote that, a few other beat writers have said otherwise, and do not believe this will be Ollie’s last stand no matter how bad he looks.

In fact, Terry Collins said yesterday that he was quite sure Perez would still be on the team after his outing today. But Adam Rubin countered that by saying Collins is the manager and not the GM and wouldn’t be aware if cutting Perez is what the team was planning to do if he did not show any improvement. I feel the same way. When Perez does get cut, the order will not come from Collins, but from Sandy Alderson.

Will you be rooting for Oliver Perez to implode or for him to toss three scoreless innings?