Oh, Ollie

Oh, Ollie (Sing to the tune of Oh, Mandy)

I remember falling rain.
Duaner Sanchez, hunger pains.
Looking for a cab, and craving tamales.
We never reailized, it’ll all lead to Ollie.

Oh Ollie, well you came and destroyed our rotation.
But we signed you anyway.
Oh Ollie, never could find your speed and location.
But you got your payday, oh Ollie…

Had a moment, maybe two,
Mostly sucked and widely booed.
Pointing to his knee, was bounced to the bullpen.
Said no to Buffalo, where he might find improvement.

Oh Ollie, did you know you’d unite a Mets nation.
Well, except for Greg Pomes.
Oh Ollie, won’t you stop giving fans palpitations.
Won’t you leave us alone, oh Ollie…

Saturday, it came apart.
Two homeruns and then a walk.
Collins was enraged, decided to yank you.
Did you ever realize, that Sandy would cut you.

Oh Ollie, take your check and your glove and start packing,
Cause you’re leaving today.
Oh Ollie, can you hear all the sounds of us clapping.
Cause it’s a beautiful day…

Oh Ollie, well you came and got paid for not playing.
So you’re leaving today.
Oh Ollie, all those nights we spent crying and praying…
We don’t neee-eeed you-ooooo…

(Sorry Greg, I couldn’t resist!)

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