Justin Turner Is Optioned, Brad Emaus Will Be The Second Baseman

According to multiple reports, the Mets have cut second baseman Justin Turner from the spring training roster.

He has been optioned to Triple-A Buffalo which essentially makes Brad Emaus the odds-on favorite for the everyday job..

Justin Turner reacted to the news by saying this. (From David Lennon’s Twitter)

I’m sure Brad (Emaus) feels pretty good right now.

Added to by Joe D.

I never really saw Turner as a serious threat for the everyday job. I did like him and was hoping to see him in a platoon type role because he rakes against left-handed pitching.

Daniel Murphy was never a legitimate contender and was more a case of the Mets trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Watching him play second base with kind of scary and I’m surprised the experiment lasted as long as it did.

Brad Emaus has been the guy from the day he was drafted. The stars have been aligned for him all along. No real competition was brought in to challenge him and I believe that’s exactly how they wanted it. He could of hit .200 or even  .100 in spring, but the job was always his.

Luis Hernandez won’t make the team as a utility infielder as Chin-leng Hu will serve that role (another player who was locked in from the moment he was acquired), and Murphy will make the team as a bat off the bench and depth at first and third base.