I’m Sold on Chris Capuano

During the offseason, Chris Capuano signed a contract with the Mets with the hope he could bounce back from injuries and give the team some quality starts at the back of the rotation. The Mets saw it as a high risk, high reward kind of contract.  So far, it’s showing some early promise and there’s a good chance that it could end up paying off. 

In ten innings of work so far in spring training, Capuano is 1-0, with 6 K’s and has a 1.69 ERA.  

I know I may be stating the obvious, but I have seen enough to , should believe that Chris Capuano will be in the rotation hands down.  I wasn’t so sure if i was sold just yet on Chris Capuano, but after his start today, it seems as though that this guy is for real, and now i am sold. 

Chris Capuano pitched 5.2 scoreless innings yesterday throwing a total of 78 pitches and striking out five. “It’s as good as I’ve felt in probably three or four years,” Capuano said. “Physically, it’s nice to just be able to focus on the baseball side of the game and not worry about the health side of it.”

He was very efficient (as Terry Collins said), and what I saw was a very composed, savvy and effective pitcher on the mound.  His performance on Saturday showed me that Capuano has the ability to give the Mets quality starts and keep them in the game.

I am looking forward to watching him pitch this season. 

Cappy could end up being Alderson’s biggest sleeper signing, much in the same way that R.A Dickey was for Omar Minaya last season. Only time will tell.