Hold Your Horses, Emaus Doesn’t Have The Job Yet

While everyone is already sizing Brad Emaus up for his new No. 4 Mets jersey, I agree with Mike Puma from the NY Post who doesn’t believe Emaus is such a sure thing yet. He hits the nail squarely on the head when he wrote,

There won’t be a winner in the Mets’ second-base derby, only a least-disappointing player.

Brad Emaus yesterday appeared to be anointed the new second baseman, but last night a source involved in this week’s organizational meetings told The Post the position still is up for grabs.

According to the source, Emaus will play second base for the next three or four days — he may receive a day off somewhere during that stretch — then be re-evaluated by team brass. If he is not deemed capable, the Mets could change course.

People say that spring training stats don’t matter, and to a certain extent I agree. They don’t matter for Jason Bay and David Wright who can bat .125 in Spring Training and are still assured of their spots on the roster.

But they do matter for minor leaguers who are trying to win a job in the major leagues, and so far Brad Emaus and his .216 average simply isn’t cutting it. I expected to see a little more than just one RBI and zero homeruns.

I don’t really care that he has a few more walks than the next guy, show me what you’re going to do with that lumber you like to keep resting on your shoulders, because it’s already abundantly clear we didn’t select you for your flashy skills with the leather.

Being bandied about and propped up by Mets special adviser J.P. Ricciardi, can only get you so far. We get how unique your relationship is, but sooner or later you’re going to have to show us something.

We’ve heard that your one good season in the minors last year may have been aided by a park that is more notorious than Citizens Bank Park for turning 325 foot outs into walk-off home runs, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Ricciardi told Newsday that Emaus is capable of hitting around .275 with 15 home runs in the big leagues. But considering he’s averaged just 9 home runs in four minor league seasons and only reached 15 home runs once, last year, homering only once on the road to achieve such grandeur, that’s quite a stretch. Hey J.P., it’s time for you to take out your tape measure and check out Citi Field.

If Emaus can his 15 home runs like Ricciardi says, using the same math I figure Daniel Murphy can hit 30 and Jason Bay 61. Just saying. By the way, that’s not to say I’d allow Daniel Murphy anywhere near a second baseman’s glove – heaven forbid.

It is discouraging that the one and only position battle we had at Mets camp this year, was a more a case of the least suckiest player gets the job, rather than the best man wins.

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