Harvey: The Future of Mets Pitching?

Mets pitching prospect Matt Harvey has been the hottest topic among Mets fans/writers over the past few days.

Harvey, who was drafted seventh-overall in last season’s draft, will likely begin this season in Single-A Port St. Lucie.

He has the stature of a starting pitcher (6-feet, 4-inches tall and weighs 225 pounds) and might have the repertoire, too.

Harvey can throw a high-90s fastball, but also mixes in off-speed pitches including a slider, sinker and curve ball. Scouts have said his hook might actually be his best pitch despite the life his fastball has. Harvey has garnered comparisons to Mike Pelfrey in the sense that he’s a bigger athlete and can be a workhorse in the rotation.

I know a prospect is just that — a prospect. But if this kid can continue to develop and the organization uses him properly, he could play a large role in the Mets’ rotation in a few years along with Jenrry Mejia.