Beltran STILL Not Playing In Games


Updated 12:24 P.M.

Apparently now Beltran will be playing simulated games for the next 2 days, while trying to get some fielding work in as well. If this goes well without a hitch, Beltran may play in a minor league game on Saturday.

The Mets are essentially allowing Beltran to crawl into the season, as opposed to walk in their best efforts to try and get 500+ AB’s. They are taking account the feeling of both of his knees, not just the one diagnosed with¬†tendinitis. Alderson is treating it as if Beltran will be playing Opening Day, but its hard to believe they’d allow that with only 20 or so spring training At-Bats.


3/24/11 – 10:49 A.M.

The news is that Carlos Beltran will be held out of ANOTHER Spring Training game. This is growing into more of a personal concern for me, as Beltran has played 1 ST game with the Mets and had a few reps in a minor league game. Beltran is a professional hitter, but it still takes a certain level of repetition and practice to get back into the physical swing of things, less infact the fielding aspect.

Instead of playing a game today, it’ll be BP for Carlos Beltran. This is beginning to look like Beltran opening the season on the DL and a combination of Duda/Hairston manning RF or LF until Beltran proves healthy enough to play. If he can’t play in games, what will that do for his ability to field RF? This is growing from a great idea to have 2 CF’s in the outfield to possibly sending out a guy on his last legs, no pun intended

Lets hope Beltran can at least play in ONE Spring Training game and play a full nine innings in the field.