3 Up and 3 Down: 10 More Days Mets Fans!

Before we get to another Spring Training edition of “3 Up and 3 Down”, I’d like to thank Joe D. for welcoming me back to the MMO family. It’s great to back.

Three Up

1. Ike & Josh – One year ago, neither Ike Davis or Josh Thole were projected to be part of the team. This year they are going to be integral parts of the team. Ike Davis joined the Mets early last season, and stole our hearts with his gutsy defensive play and Ruthian style home runs. We all remember Ike falling into the Mets dugout to catch late inning foul balls, but his home run into the Shea Bridge is what I remember most. Josh Thole proved himself to be a wonderful defensive catcher, and he was able to handle the pitching staff. Thole’s offensive numbers were not that great last year, but he’s having a great spring. I expect great things from both these guys.

2. The New Attitude – Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are gone. The well respected Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins are here. I love the energy and positive attitude Collins brings to the Mets. Sandy Alderson has made a statement by releasing both Luis Castillo & Oliver Perez this spring. The days of the “no mas” Mets are over. Expect to see a high energy, fundamentally sound team this year, that will run out every hit.

3. Mookie is Back – Mookie Wilson is back with the big club. Wilson is one of the most beloved players in the history of the Mets. A key piece to the 1986 championship team, Mookie’s positive attitude and enthusiasm will be a welcomed sight around the Mets this season and he will be donning his uniform No. 1. We approve!

Three Down

1. The Circus At 2B – Opening night is only ten days away and we still have no idea who the starting second baseman will be. The competition is now down to Daniel Murphy, Brad Emaus, and Luis Hernandez. My best guess is that Emaus will be the starting second baseman, and Murphy will make the team as a “super utility” player. Murphy’s bat is too good to waste, and if there’s one positive about Murphy, he can cover 1B, 2B and 3B.

2. Met Bashing – If you’re reading this, you know better than anyone else, the Mets have not been too good the last few years. We get that. What bothers me is people who can’t tell David Wright from Orville Wright bashing the Mets. Sure the Mets are down right now, but if you can’t be positive in the spring, when can you be?

3. Pelf’s Spring – I have to say I’m concerned about Opening Night starter Mike Pelfrey’s spring. Big Mike is 0-2, with a 6.38 ERA. I know, I know, they’re spring numbers. But you would like to see a decent start by our ace at some point.Throughout his career Pelfrey has proven to be very inconsistent. Let’s hope on April 1st Pelf pitches a gem!