Would the Mets Call Sabathia If He Opts Out of Yanks Deal?

As most of you know, there has been talk lately about CC Sabathia and his contractual clause that allows him to opt out of his current 7-year, $165 million dollar deal.  CC has said that anything is possible.

Let me ask you this.  If C.C. Sabathia were to opt out of his current contract, would the Mets be interested and would you want them to pursue him?

The Mets have not had a great rotation over the past several years, at least not one that compares to what the division rival Phillies have put together. The Mets do have one bona fide ace in Johan Santana, but with him on the shelf and his future cloudy, Sabathia would be might tempting.

Obviously, the Mets need more than just a healthy Johan Santana if they wanted to compare themselves to the powerhouse rotation of the Phillies, but if CC were to join the Mets, a 1-2 punch of CC Sabathia and Johan Santana could be rank right up there with them. It might even give the Mets one of the best tandems in baseball, much like Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay.

We all know that CC Sabathia can thrive in the National League.  During his short stint with the Brewers in 2008, CC went 11-2, with a 1.65 ERA in 17 games.  While playing in Milwaukee, CC learned how to improve his off-speed pitches from Mike Maddux, and now has an even greater variety of off-speed stuff. 

I think that Sabathia would make be a great fit for the Mets.  It’s only a matter of getting him interested to come across the street to Citi Field and offering him the dollars he will be looking for. 

CC definitely loves playing in New York.  He does plenty of off-the-field charity and community events. His fondness for the city might give the Mets a bit of an edge.

My answer to the question of whether the Mets should consider Sabathia if he opts out, is a resounding, oh my God yes!  

Will he take the bait, and consider an offer from the Mets if he were to opt out?  Who really knows. Personally, I think that CC will stay put with the Yankees. I believe he will ponder how much money the Yankees will pay him along with who gives him the best chance of winning a World Series. 

Let me hear what you guys think…  It’s going to be interesting to watch how this plays out, and who knows maybe this could be a Mets headline come next November!