Will Chris Capuano Win A Spot In The Rotation?

Yesterday in my Key Players post, I included Chris Capuano as one of the players to watch this Spring because its going to be interesting to see whether or not he will win a spot on the rotation or be part of the bullpen. 

I asked MetsBlog’s Michael Baron this particular, but yet intriguing question about Chris Capuano yesterday.

According to Michael, Capuano will apparently be competing early on for a spot in the rotation, but then again Terry Collins said that he won’t let Chris Capuano start until he first proves he is 100% healthy. Michael concludes that Capuano will likely end up in the rotation, but is better suited to work out of the bullpen as a lefty specialist. 

I completely agree with Michael’s take. I too feel that Capuano would serve a more useful role working out out of the bullpen most likely as a lefty specialist to fill the role left vacant by Pedro Feliciano who signed with the New York Yankees.

Sure, he will get a chance to compete for the rotation, but my gut tells me that he’ll end up in the bullpen, regardless. Thanks to Michael Baron for fielding my question. 

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