Who’s On First…?

Everyone remembers Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First” skit. Well, who is on first for the New York Mets?  As for the current roster our “Who’s” are Ike Davis as the starter and Nick Evans as his backup. Maybe.

On the weekend of the 12th -13th, MAB Celebrity Services had their “Who’s On First Show” at the Sheraton Meadowlands in East Rutherford.

Former Mets on the guest list included Keith Hernandez, Ed Kranepool, Cliff Floyd, Tim Harkness, Willie Montanez, Jesus Alou and Dave Kingman. At this event you were able to go and meet some of your favorite players.

You should have seen some of the things that fans were having signed – anything ranging from pictures to even memorabilia from Shea Stadium were brought in by fans. One fan had everyone sign a home plate. What are some items that you have had signed by your favorite Met players?

It was great to meet Keith Hernandez, Cliff Floyd and Tim Harkness but I got to spend more time with Ed Kranepool who was one of the first New York Mets First Basemen back when the Mets started out.

He had a lot to say about playing on the NY Mets for 18 years and Spring Training and the upcoming season –

“I hope the ballclub does better than last year, they struggled. They’ve got to improve their pitching staff. Everyone has to improve.”

Also I was able to chat to Mollie Bracigliano who is the owner and founder of MAB Celebrity Services. You can hear more from Ed Kranepool and Mollie next Wednesday, March 2nd on Teen Groove On The Move.

Hey, now we know Who’s On First – but stay tuned for What’s On Second and I Don”t Kknnnooooww’sss On Third!