Where Are Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran?

In a post to MetsBlog, Matt Cerrone shared a concern from one of his Twitter followers that lead to a post entitled: Where are Ollie and Castillo?

He replied on his blog,

I’ve been thinking the same thing. I mean, I hate to judge, because who knows, maybe they have something important going on in their personal lives, etc., that preclude them from attending these voluntary workouts? Then again, it’s not news that these two are VERY close to being cut from the roster, so you’d think they’d make whatever arrangements they could to get down there early.

I understand where all this angst is coming from and he is simply saying what almost every Mets fan I know is thinking.

However, I would ask all Mets fans to be fair because the fact of the matter is that Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran are not in camp either and both of them have a lot to prove this Spring as well.

Both of them have to show they are healthy, and in the case of Jason Bay, he has to show that he wasn’t a bust and his Luis Castillo-esque power numbers before his concussion was just an aberration.

It’s easy to point to Castillo and Perez, and maybe they deserve the harsher criticism everyone seems to have for them, but as long as they wear the Mets uniform the least we can do is treat them fairly and not single them out for doing the same things other Mets players are doing.

There’s a lot of Mets who are not in camp yet. In fact MetsBlog reported that 32 of them have reported which means that about 25 of them have not.

At least Ollie and Castillo have the excuse that they are in a foreign country and need to get their visas and paperwork in order, but what’s Jason Bay’s excuse?

You see what I’m saying?