The Wilpons Must Step Aside

This Madoff inspired financial debacle that hovers over the Mets like impending doom, just keeps getting more and more frustrating. How can Fred and Saul et. al. keep pretending that all is okay, and that this ongoing and ever-changing soap opera is nothing more than just another bump in the road?

Don’t they understand?

It’s a big mistake that Bud Selig has chosen to let them swim in this mess rather than have them step aside until the storm has passed. Of course, Selig operates by his own rules, not the rules of baseball, and/or the country. Has he done anything about steroids and performance enhancing drugs yet? I think Fred must be cut from the same cloth of self centeredness.

Don’t they care enough about the current team; players and fans? Believe it or not, there are many of us out in the real world who care very much about this team, and we also understand that to play ball well, you must be focused entirely on the field and not be constantly thinking about what the courts will decide regarding the Mets Organization. Imagine what it must be like for any player to be on the Mets these days and constantly being asked about a situation they really know nothing about except what you and I read hourly on the news wires?

Sandy Alderson must be wondering just how he will deal with all of this – so far, like the Marine Officer he is, he has managed very well to keep his mind open and just do the job at hand.

It was also a touch of class for Terry Collins to invite Tom Seaver to Spring Training and for Tom to come. Of course he’s one of the Great Pitchers of all time – along with Sandy Koufax who usually makes an appearance as well.

I think I heard on the radio this morning that Jeff Wilpon was in Port St. Lucie – why?

Turn to the Times Sports Page today, not the Front Page and find out what is really happening with the Mets team.

Thanks, Harvey