Piazza Talks Ownership, Mets Fans, Future in Baseball

Mike Piazza was honored last night, along with Angel Pagan, at the Thurman Munson Awards Dinner in Manhattan.

Piazza was asked about the ownership situation, and he talked about Mets fans in this situation.  He told this to reporters.

“For me, I think of the fans [who] are frustrated, and I get a little frustrated for them because they have been truly loyal to the team. Again, they have a beautiful new stadium and a lot of great fans.  But maybe there’s a silver lining. Maybe there’s someone that will get involved who has deep pockets and wants to put the team back in the spot they belong. The Mets have always been an organization that’s been a roller coaster. A few highs, some lows. I can only say to the fans and I feel that Mets fans are some of the most patient fans in the country I truly feel it’s going to get better one day. They have so many positives David Wright, Angel Pagan, a couple of big pitchers. The foundation is there possibly to get better.”

He also mentioned that he has no interest in buying stakes in the Mets.

Mike Piazza was also asked about his future in baseball. Piazza sees himself in baseball “down the line”, but he says “its fun right now” not to care about the wins, losses, etc. He added that he’s just sitting back, enjoying it.