Morning Grind: Fans Need To Know More, Sandy Flubs On Fossum

Hey everyone! Here is this week’s Morning Grind:

Mets Sign Casey Fossum

Normally when I see that Alderson signed an under-the-radar type player, I look at almost every stat I can find. Alderson is about finding a cheap, one-tool player than a type-A free agent, four or five tool players for many more years and tens of millions more. But Fossum is not even a one-tool player, I do not understand this signing what-so-ever.

He has little experience versus the NL East, and in the few outings he has had against the division, he has been ineffective at best. In 13 career games, Fossum is a dismal 1-5 with a 8.86 ERA when facing the NL East. Whether it is 1st or 2nd half, or home or away, two things remain the same: an ERA north of 5.00 and that Fossum struggles, mightily. He only has slightly better numbers versus left-handed batters, but not significant enough to make a case for Fossum. 

Anyway you slice it, normal statistics, sabermetric statistics or split stats, Fossum is just not a smart move by Sandy Alderson.

The Wilpons and their current situation

We all know what has happened with the Wilpons and the recent financial problems. But the fact of the matter is, what we the public do know is very little. We are left to speculate and wonder as to what is going on financially with our favorite team. This should not be how a sports franchise works, there needs to be more transparency.

I know that legally, business owners have the right to their privacy when it comes to financial and legal matters, but a sports franchise is a different type of business. The fans spend countless hours viewing Met games on SNY and too many paychecks on season tickets, merchandise and six dollar hot dogs at Citi Field that support the Wilpons’ livelihood. We as fans have such a great investment monetarily and emotionally in the Mets that when something comes up that can affect their long-term success, we should have a right to know. 

The Wilpons, understandably will not talk about what is occurring behind the scenes of the press conference room. We have only been told that they are seeking a minority investor to ensure financial security for the Mets franchise and that this news is almost certainly connected to the fallout of the Bernie Madoff scandal. We need to know more than that. 

For example, realistically, will the Wilpons have to sell the team? 

Two years ago the Wilpons said they had no interest nor inkling of a need to have a minority investor in the Mets. Now that we have reached that point, is selling the team the next step?

These are some questions that just can’t be left unanswered.

It can be understood that the Wilpons would not want to reveal the details of their debatable financial uncertainty, but based on the fact that we keep them living large, we have more than a right to know what is going on with our investment.

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