Lets Focus On Spring Training, People!

Thankfully, spring training is around the corner.  Everyone is preparing for another season of Mets baseball.  This is the time of year that I love the most.  (Besides the Daytona 500, and E3 Expo). 

There has been plenty this offseason to talk about (Chris Young, Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins, etc), but the main talk of the offseason has been mainly about the Wilpons and their mega million dollar lawsuit from the trustee in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.  

We all know this is going to go on for a while, and its going to get nastier before it becomes better. With spring training around the corner, lets focus on spring training and the year ahead, and not the Wilpons’ current financial troubles, people! 

I understand that this will be a huge deal, and that the Wilpons are more than likely going to have to sell stakes in both SNY and the Mets franchise itself in order to pay for a settlement in this case, but we really need to just get on board with our 2011 Mets, and see where the new season takes us.  Hey, you never know whats going to happen.  Remember the Reds NL Central run last year?

As Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog said during an interview on the Mets video blog On The Black with Kerel Cooper, the talk during spring training in the past seasons hasn’t been about baseball.  It’s been mainly about all the off-the-field stuff instead of real baseball. 

This entire saga is may even affect the players, because they are going to be playing with a cloud of uncertainty, and wondering whether or not they’ll be playing or coaching for the Mets much longer. That is something that this team doesn’t need right now. 

Players like Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, who are in their walk-years, need to be focused on playing their best and raising their stock, rather than worrying about how much longer they will play for New York. 

This team needs enthusiasm, confidence, and the spirit to go out and win ballgames and try to compete in 2011. As fans, we owe them our undivided attention and support.

We now know that this current financial and legal mess “is going to get worse before it can get better”. Let the lawyers and accountants worry about that mess, and as fans lets just get behind our team and hope for a banner season in 2011.