Did Alderson Take A Swipe At Jose Reyes?

I wrote this original post on Reyes a few days ago, but recently Jose has been in the news again due to some comments GM Sandy Alderson made at a Cancer Awareness event in NYC. Newsday’s David Lennon, who was in attendance, tweeted:

Alderson said “stolen bases are a footnote” when it comes to winning games. Looks like he’s already cutting Reyes from 2012 payroll.

It is discouraging that Alderson would undercut the one true value that Jose Reyes brings to the table; his speed.

Yes, you could say he has other merits for example you could argue that Reyes is very solid defensively, but wouldn’t his speed be a contributing factor there as well?

I wonder if his ability to steal 40-50 bases a season is being unfairly glossed over by Sandy Alderson?

I also wonder if they are failing to see how valuable those stolen bases are and if they are grossly underestimating them?

We’re not talking about someone who haphazardly runs amok on the basepaths here, Jose Reyes has a career 80% stolen base percentage.

In his last full season in 2008, Reyes stole 56 bases. He also hit 37 doubles and a league leading 19 triples. Factor in all of those 56 stolen bases that turned singles into doubles, and doubles into triples, and you are talking about some huge production that came as a result of his blazing speed.

I took a quick look at his profile on ESPN.com and found that Reyes produced a .475 slugging percentage in ’08, a pretty remarkable mark for a leadoff hitter and most likely the reason why Jerry Manuel wanted to bat him third in the order.

What is far more remarkable is that his slugging percentage doesn’t include the additional total bases he produced with his stolen bases.

When you add those 56 stolen bases in, it gives him an incredible 383 total bases which translates into a .557 slugging percentage. Mind boggling, to say the least. (BTW, did I unknowingly just invent a new stat?)

That would have ranked him 5th in the National League that season behind sluggers like Albert Pujols, Chipper Jones and Lance Berkman.

One more very important thing to note is this… His 42 swipes of second base put himself into scoring position without costing the Mets an additional out. That’s huge in my estimation.

For years we as Mets fans, have always said “As Reyes goes, so go the Mets”…

Now, his biggest attribute and value to the team, is being labeled as a “footnote” when it comes to wins.

This is certainly a head-scratcher…

Sorry Mr. Alderson, but with all due respect, Jose Reyes’ stolen bases were more than just a footnote for many of the team’s wins during his career as a Met.

Your remark seems more like an attempt to steal his thunder and gain a public perception advantage should you decide to let him walk at the end of the season.

Original Post 2/2 6:20 PM

With the news that the Wilpon family is now in search of a buyer to form a strategic partnership, there’s so much speculation running rampant on the web.

One of the things I now wonder about with this team is the financial uncertainty. Will this uncertainty affect or change how the Mets will operate when it come to making financial decisions regarding keeping players or going after higher priced players in a trade or free agency for the rest of this season and beyond?

My biggest concern right now is the status of shortstop Jose Reyes. Buster Olney of ESPN, speculates that the current Mets situation will make it difficult to retain Jose Reyes and force the Mets to move him to another team before the trade deadline.

“Some rival executives are convinced that the Mets’ financial situation all but ensure that Jose Reyes – who stands to be in the running for a nine-figure contract as a free agent next fall if he stays healthy and has a good year – will be traded before the July 31 deadline.  That’s all speculation at this point.”

This season is going to be a huge one for Reyes and he knows it.

Nobody understands better than him that if he can put up the kind of numbers he did in 2006 and 2007, he can command a contract similar to what Carl Crawford got from the Boston Red Sox this offseason.

If the Mets are still in the hunt for the NL East division come July 31st, would the Mets dare to trade Jose Reyes for a few prospects just to get some salary relief and undermine their chances to compete for the rest of the year?

I sure hope not…

I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening, but maybe I’m being to unwilling to see the reality of this current financial quagmire and the impact it will have on all decisions going forward.

At a potential cost in excess of $100 million dollars, is there any chance, no matter how slight, that the Mets could still keep Jose Reyes beyond the 2011 season, or am I just chasing butterflies?

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