Could a New Investor Translate Into a Mets Run at Pujols?

With the Pujols and the Cardinals miles apart and their set deadline fast approaching, it appears the 3-time MVP will hit the free-agent market following the completion of the 2011 season.

With many teams interested in arguably the best player in baseball, the market will likely become an all out frenzy to acquire Pujols. One of these teams could be the Mets, but their current financial state puts them at an early disadvantage. If the Wilpons successfully sell their desired 25% stock in the Amazins, this could translate into the Mets becoming one of the larger contenders for Pujols come next winter.

On January 28th the Wilpons announced they would like to sell a 20-25 percent stock in the Mets to “ensure the team’s financial security”. The estimated value of that 20-25 percent stake is roughly $200-250 million, a figure that would not only ensure their financial security but give them excess.

The timing for this lack of finances could not have come at a worse time for the Mets as next off season they will have roughly $60 million dollars at their disposal to spend on free agents. If they do not get an investor, it would most likely drastically reduce their flexibility in the 2011-2012 off season to pick up some top-tier free agents.

But if the Wilpons do find a buyer, this could create a situation to take on more payroll. This will not necessarily be the case given the Wilpon’s financial situation and Alderson being keen on lowering payroll, but picture a Mets team with the resources to retain Reyes, sign Pujols and have money left over? I do not think anyone can argue that this would put the Mets back on the map and once again give the Phillies a run for the NL East title.

But what to do with Ike Davis? We just can’t get rid of him, he is too valuable. Ike Davis was drafted as a first baseman/outfielder. Davis played right field in college and could perform with great success there. He has the range as we have seen at first base. In 2010, Davis not only covered the entire area around first with ease but the dugout and the front row of the first base side of Citi Field as well. Davis could utilize his range in spacious right field, making room for Pujols at first base.

If Pujols became a Met, the lineup would make any pitcher’s knees shake and stomach drop as they would take the mound. In 2012, the lineup would ideally feature Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Pujols, Bay and Davis, assuming Beltran likely walks as a free agent or is traded before Opening Day of 2012. Coupled with the arms of Santana, Dickey, Pelfrey and Niese, the New York Mets would once again be a feared and respected team in the baseball world.

It is a long shot at best, near impossible if the Wilpons do not find an investor, but if they do, Albert Pujols could be on the Mets radar and not out of the question to acquire if he hits the free agent market next winter.

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