Bring In The Baseball Guy

Now batting in the legal mess involving Bernard Madoff and the New York Mets: Former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo.

Cuomo has long had an affection for baseball. He played one year of minor league baseball in the Pirates organization in 1952. Although he is from Queens, he roots for the Yankees. Andrew, his oldest son and the current governor of New York, is a Mets fan.

Sterling Equities donated about $30,000 to Andrew Cuomo’s most recent campaigns — for attorney general in 2006 and for governor last year. The most recent contribution of $10,000 was made in May 2010.

Cuomo is no stranger to the negotiating table. In addition to the dozen years he spent in Albany as governor, Cuomo was appointed by Mayor John V. Lindsay in 1972 to mediate a contentious dispute over low-income public housing in the Forest Hills section of Queens. He helped construct a compromise that cut the size of the project in half. The settlement helped launch his career as a politician.

Additionally, he was signed and played baseball in the Pittsburgh Pirates minor league system until he was injured when a ball hit his head, and subsequently became a scout for the team.

Cuomo is an avid player of fantasy baseball. He always has an Italian player on his team, regardless of how many Italian players are available or how well they are doing.

Cuomo is currently of counsel at the New York law firm Wilkie, Farr and Gallagher.