2011 Mets Promotions and Giveaways

The Mets unveiled their 2011 Promotional Schedule on Saturday, and I don’t know about you, but it seems a little lean to say the least.

2011 Mets Promotions and Giveaways

  • Mr. Met Bobblehead on Opening Day (April 8 )
  • Winter Hat (April 9)
  • Collectors Cup (May 6)
  • Towel Day (May 27)
  • Tote Bag (May 28)
  • Dunkin Donuts Gift Card (June 2)
  • Nathans Cap and Hotdog Eating Contest (June 4)
  • Blue Cap Day (June 18) 
  • Ike Davis Bobblehead (July 19)
  • Jose Reyes Banner & Fiesta Latina Night (August 5)
  • Sports Bag (August 6)
  • Drawstring Bag (August 21)
  • Green T-Shirt (August 27)
  • Mr. Met Dash (May 8, June 19, September 25)

Gone are great Mets promotions like Build A Bear Workshop Day, and excuse me, but can somebody please tell me why no Fireworks Night or Fan Appreciation Day? I guess they are now just distant memories much like Banner Day and Old Timers Day.

It also appears that we have no players being inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame this season?  Too bad.

Of course the big question is, do you think they should have scheduled Jose Reyes Banner Night before the trade deadline?