Why Chris Young Benefits the Mets

As our own Hojo’s Mojo reported earlier this afternoon, Chris Young and the Mets have agreed to a deal, thus ending weeks of speculation of where and when he will sign. 

It has taken the Mets and Chris Young forever, it seems like, to sign a deal.  But in the end, the signing will benefit the Mets. 

Even with all the injuries, Chris Young has proved that, when healthy, he can be a great starter.  Padres Manager Bud Black told the San Diego Union Tribune this about Chris Young.

“C.Y. proved at the end of the season how valuable a pitcher he can be when he is healthy.  Given his height and delivery, his high fastball is very hard to catch up to.

When Chris Young was able to stay healthy, he was mainly a dominant fly-ball pitcher.  Citi Field will be a great place for Chris Young not just because of Citi Field’s dimensions but the fact that Young uses the fly-ball to get hitters out, and Citi Field is that kind of ballpark. 

Overall, the Chris Young signing is great in my mind.  He is a good starter when healthy, will be a good fit for Citi Field, for being a fly-ball pitcher.