What If The Mets Can Compete In 2011? Part 2

Everyone knows I don’t have much confidence in the 2011 Mets and I’m already looking forward to the 2012 season.  I honestly believe this is just a lost season, where .500 would be acceptable, but “what if” the Mets can compete in 2011?

Marvel Comics does a series of comics where they explore the road not traveled by their characters. Last week I looked at the starting pitchers and asked what if they perform?

This week I’m looking at the position players and asking “what if?”

What If: Position Players

Jose Reyes: Jose Reyes’ last season as a Met could be in 2011.  Going into a contract year I expect big things from Jose Reyes.  The last 2 seasons Reyes has suffered from injuries, what if this season he’s healthy? What if he cuts down on the strikeouts, takes more walks and gets on base more?  What if Reyes steals not more total bases but steals bases at the right time, not just because he can? What if Reyes becomes the player we all know he’s capable of being?

David Wright: Wright is the face of the franchise, there’s no doubt about that.  He also showed last season that the lack of power in 2009 was a fluke.  Wright also struck out more last year than any other season in his career.  What if Wright cuts down on the strikeouts and becomes the hitter he was before 2009?  What if Wright’s defense gets back to gold glove caliber?  What if David finally becomes the leader the Mets, the press and the fans want him to be?

Jason Bay: Last year was a horrible year for Bay.  He hit only 6 home-runs, not the power the Mets expected when they signed him to that big contract.  Also let’s not forget that he suffered a concussion and never returned for the rest of 2010.  What if Bay rebounds in 2011?  What if Bay can hit 25-30 HR’s and drives in over 100 RBI’s?

Carlos Beltran: This is Carlos Beltran’s last season as a member of the Mets. Going into a contract year what if he has a great season?  What if he realizes that his days as a center fielder might be over and he moves over to right field? What if Beltran can stay healthy for the season?

Angel Pagan: Pagan had a breakout year in 2010.  There’s not much to criticize there.  What if he has as good or better season than 2010?  What if he can stay healthy and contribute the entire season?

Ike Davis: What if Ike learns to fix that hitch in his swing?  What if Ike’s defense actually gets better than it already was in 2010?  What if Ike can cut down on the strikeouts?  What if Ike can get more hits against left handed pitchers this season?

Daniel Murphy: It looks like Murphy is the favorite to win the 2nd base job.  What if Murphy plays like he did in his rookie season? What if Murphy’s defense at 2nd is as good as his defense at 1st base in 2009?  What if Murphy can drive up the count against pitchers like in 2008?

Josh Thole: What if Thole continues to improve on his defense behind the plate? What if Thole continues to perform well in the clutch?

Yes I know once again there’s a lot of what if’s and a lot of them might not pan out but it is fun to think about, especially with Spring Training getting closer by the day? If half these what if’s pan out, the Mets can possibly compete for the Wild Card I believe.