Troy Aikman Had Interest From Mets; Say What?!

We all know who Troy Aikman is. Aikman was an superstar quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys back in the 90’s, and would eventually go on to be enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  We also know Troy Aikman as being a dancer on the hit ABC show “Dancing With The Stars”. 

But, little did we know, he was pursued by the Mets.  Say what?!

Adam Rubin of posted a short, but interesting article about the Mets interest in the former Cowboys Quarterback.

In the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Sports”, Aikman told about the Mets interest in him.

Troy Aikman said this on the show (according to a transcript from the New York Post).

“I got a call from the New York Mets and what they said was, ‘We need to know what it’s gonna take to get you to forgo college,'”  I was a pitcher and a shortstop. And so when they said, ‘What’s it gonna take?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, $200,000.’ They said, ‘$200,000? Darryl Strawberry is not even making that much money.  Well if you want me, that’s what it’s gonna take.’ And they said, ‘You have a nice football career at Oklahoma.”

Well, I guess that’s something you don’t see everyday online, or in the newspapers.