The Whole Truth, Please

I think the Wilpons’ need to remember that old saying “Just tell the truth, they’ll find out anyway”.

The more I read/hear about this whole mess is that the Wilpons are just a couple of steps behind the truth every time they make a statement.

Of course it’s embarassing, but it’s too late for Fred and family to think about that.

I’m sure that the Wilpons haven’t even thought about the team or the ballpark where there is more trouble – No one is buying tickets.

And I wonder if Sandy Alderson was in on all this when he was hired last fall.  He’s an attorney and that will be useful.

This news hit the airwaves today like a tsunami that flooded the entire Metropolitan area. I doubt anyone thought the Wilpons were in this deep – I know I didn’t.

And frankly, I hope those involved will be more forthcoming – the Mets have been and can be a great team and a great part of the New York summer sports scene, but only if the slate is clean.

So, Wilpons – it’s up to you – are you going to play ball?