Strawberry Fields Questions On Alderson, Collins, Ike and Beltran

Former Mets rightfielder Darryl Strawberry, was a guest on the “Boomer and Carton Show” on WFAN this morning and weighed in on many Mets topics. here is a short take on some of what was said.

On Wilpon Financial Problems

Its not a joking matter (Carton was cracking up when he brought it up.), this isn’t something to laugh about. I’m not gonna comment on that. Fred is a good man and has always been kind to me. The Wilpons are a good family. I know they want to win and I hope they get that chance to win again.

Do Mets Have A Chance

Its a new year, every year is a new year. I mean, come on, look at who won the World Series. Nobody thought the Giants would have won. Anything can happen. It’s a matter of how things go and who stays healthy.

Terry Collins

He’s not the type of person who will allow players to have their own way or become too comfortable during a loss. There was a lot of confusion and disappointment last year and Collins will

Ike Davis

I expect him to grow, but have some growing pains in his second season, I had those same learning pains in my second year, but I expect him to fight through them and have a good season.

Carlos Beltran

Beltran will have a solid season and there’s no question he should be starting in center field. It takes a whole year to get back  from a knee injury and with the time he’s had off now, he should be good to go.

 Are The Mets Too Soft?

 It’s a different time, back when I played, players were more hard core and weren’t afraid of other teams. We couldn’t stand our rivals and they couldn’t stand us. That’s the way it was. Things are very different now with players. The Mets have to find out who they are and they have to do it in Spring Training not in April once the season starts. They need to have a swagger that has been missing, maybe Terry Collins can help with that.

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